Reverse Helix Trommel


The most advanced and efficient portable placer gold trommels available today, inner barrel for classifying and the outer barrel with many feet of reverse helix that capture your gold and deposits it at the head of the outer barrel for Instant Value Verification.

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Placer Gold Mining Trommels

No longer do you have to stop and do clean up of a sluice box to collect your gold like with typical classifying trommels.

Material goes into the hopper, the sprayer washes it down into a rotating 1/2” classifying screen (inside barrel) where the larger rocks are separated from the smaller gold bearing material. The classified material drops down into the outer barrel which has many feet of Reverse Helix. While the trommel turns and washes, the gold and heavies are worked to the bottom of the Reverse Helix Ribbon, the gold will be trapped in the Helix and brought up the outer barrel and deposited into the gold pan or separate catch, the lighter material is washed out into the tailings.

15” Gas Powered Gold Trommel

Capacity of 2+ tons per hour, Over 100' of Reverse Helix 1/2" Tall Spiral, 6.5 Gas Powered Motor, Variable Speed 12rpm-20rpm Barrel, High Clearance Trailer, Removable Hitch, DOT Axle, Wheels and Lighting, 2" water supply inlet.

10” 12 Volt  Gold Trommel

Easy to transport and setup. Capacity up to 1 ton per hour running at optimum performance conditions. Set up for easy water recirculating as this machine was built for dry desert conditions.

Javelina Reverse Helix Gold Trommels

Celebrating 9 years of Quality Manufacturing


Gas Trommel Pictures

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Reverse Helix Technology has been used for over 2000 years, historically used for transferring water from a low-lying body of water into irrigation ditches. Javelina Gold Trommels use a similar system to capture GOLD working with a spray system to wash out the lighter materials and deposits your concentrates at the head of the outer reverse helix barrel.

12v Trommel Pictures


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